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Argan Oil 50ml Castor Oil 50 mL Sesame Oil 50mL
Aloe vera Oil 50mL
argan Ricin Huile de sésame 30 ml Aleos
  6 USD
$ USD $ USD 5 $ USD
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Shea Butter 50mL Prickly pear seed oil 50ml Sweet Almond Oil 50mL Avocado oil 50mL 
Beurre de karit 30 ml Huile de figue de barbarie Huile d amande douce Huile d avocat
5 $ USD 6 $ USD  5 $ USD 5 $ USD
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The natural beauty products are more effective than ordinary products. 
Each of the constituent ingredients have specific properties. These ingredients are proportionally much larger than in the conventional cosmetics. Assets are much more present in the product and are not altered by the presence of chemical substances. So efficiency is guaranteed! 
So why professionals use these dangerous chemicals parasites, allergens, pollutants? Just a matter of economics: the cost of the product is ridiculous for the manufacturer (eg mineral oil is much less expensive than a quality vegetable oil). 
Natural cosmetics are not dangerous. 
This is a secret that the chemicals that are found in common cosmetic products are harmful to health and the environment few examples. All petroleum products such as mineral oils, sulfates , parabens, foaming agents, synthetic fragrances, alcohols, etc ... Several studies have shown that there was a link between these chemicals and diseases like allergies or worse some cancers. 
The natural beauty products are the ones made ​​from natural raw materials sound: vegetable oils, essential oils, floral waters, clays, honey, plant extracts, plants, flowers, etc. .. 
It is common to find that the term "natural" is often used incorrectly. How many beauty products claim to be natural but reading their composition we see that they do not really, legislation authorizing still in these "natural" a small percentage of chemical ingredients products. But for many cosmetics professionals the word "natural" is a selling point to follow the trend of the current market is that the return to Nature.

After this brief run on natural cosmetics, see why Morocco as standard for beauty and well-being: for 2 very simple reason. 
First Morocco is a country full of raw materials for medicinal and cosmetic properties unbelievable. For example Moroccan botanical is very rich and quality of Moroccan medicinal plants is known around the world.

The second reason is that the reputation of Moroccan beauty rituals is more to do. In addition to being beneficial from an aesthetic point of view for the skin and hair, they provide great relaxation of body and mind, this is why Moroccan products are widely used in the largest SPA the world.


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